Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Welcome! Welcome!

We're excited to welcome everyone to our new blog! We've condensed into one blog for the office and the design team. We hope you'll like this format better and come to play.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

QKD Logo Wear

That’s right! We’ve got everything from T-Shirts and hat to mugs and doggy wear. (Sorry no cat shirts at this time. ) Come on by our new logo shop and get your QKD wear today! We’ve designed a logo especially for the “wears” so make sure to sport it proud! These make great gifts and the prices are great. Click the banner above to shop now.

Don't Get Caught Without...

The Kat! Take the Queen Kat Designs button below and post it proudly in your sigi line of message boards that you frequent… You could win a prize if you are caught WITH a button. Myself and the design team will be on continuously on the “prowl” so make sure you are “sporting” the button.. You never know where we will find you.. Check the blog here often.. From time to time when we see someone wearing their “Kat Button” we’ll announce them here. This is an ongoing thing, no time line… and there may be more than one winner. It all depends on if we see you wearing your button.

If your button has a link behind it leading others to the blog, you’ll get an extra special prize!

Bloggers Club

The Queen Kat Designs’ Bloggers Club has received a face lift! We’ve also been growing!! I’m so exctied people are taking notice and joining almost daily now. If you are a blogger, make sure to come by and add your blog too. If you are a blog stalker, stop by. We’ve got a list of great blogs for you!

Sign up for our 'new' newsletter

Queen Kat Designs and the design team have been working hard on the news to bring you the most current info about what's happening around the office. Make sure you don't miss an issue. We've got some exciting news coming out on November 1st!


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