Friday, April 4, 2008

New Stamps!!!!

Come n get em!!! The April releases are in the store now!! Be sure to pick up one of each!! We have 7 new stamp sets this month... Oh my! This month.. we have 2 new monsters this one is named "Joe"... Designed by our very own Tanis.

We have a new designer to introduce to you... Alex Maldonado. She has designed a couple of new fairy stamp sets for us. This is the Ballerina. Check out the other one we have right now. She's adorable!
Next.. we have a Rocker Kat! Fitting isn't it? This was designed by me.. Queen Kat
And last but not least in our preview line up is..... Reva Diley.. She is also a newbie to our Stamp designers. She has written lots of these "I believe" statements... They are so great. You can use them on the front of cards or even inside to complete your sentiment. Over the next little while, we will have more of these out. But don't miss out now, get this set!
That concludes the peek for April's sets. You'll have to come here to see the rest! :)

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