Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

Well, another Thursday, and it is super super hot here! It has hit 100, and it is only the beginning of June! I hate to see what July is going to look like!

So, I am thinking cool thoughts today. So, what can we find in the QKD store that is "cool." Well, everything is cool just because it is QKD. Before I head off to the store to show you some fabulous find for today, just a reminder that the shipping department will be closed May 31st - June 8th. All orders received May 30th-June 8th will begin to ship June 9th. Each order placed during that time will receive a free gift with purchase.

So, just think, you can go ahead and shop now, and get a free gift just for waiting. MMMM, sounds like a good deal to me!

Here are my "cool" picks for today:

What about a trip to the Artic -- Artic Blue Mermaid Stamp

or Winter Greetings

Well, here are two cool finds for today; go fishing in the store itself and see what you can find!!!

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