Saturday, August 13, 2011


Can you tell that I really like cupcakes and fruit? And cupcakes with fruit are the best. This little dragon seems to agree since he seems to have finished off his cupcake pretty quick and is saving the cherry to have just as soon as he doesn't feel so very full.
Until I started to look for what I wanted to post about this week, I didn't realize how often food seemed to be featured in my work. Tiny dragons and fairy cats with berries and cupcakes or a nice hot tea. I will confess that the fruit is more common for me to paint in the warm months when we are finding such beautiful berries and such in the grocery stores or growing wild on the the side of the road. And hot tea? My favorite winter treat.
Okay the apricots in the kitchen are calling..... At least I don't have cupcakes in the house to be tempting me late at night.

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