Friday, December 7, 2007

2008 Royal Court...

Here ye' Here ye'... Queen Kat Designs is proud to announce the 2008 Royal Court... Please help us welcome everyone to the castle and re-welcome those who have signed on to stay. We're very excited to introduce to you our new designers...

Tanis Geisbrecht aka Paperprincess
Nancy Grant aka Inkcicles
Jen Pohl aka Jen
Nina Patena aka cbpatena

and... our wonderful returning designers...

Bev Douglas aka Sierra Grannie
Juliet Diley aka Jules
Penny Hartley aka Penny
Suzeanne Peak aka PookasCrayon
Anam Stubbington aka Kihaku

and of course.. me.. Vicki Beland aka Queen Kat

Welcome to everyone new and old! Thank you so very much for being with Queen Kat Designs we are excited to work with you.


the dreamer said...

Someone let the cat out of the bag! (Sorry, couldn't resist. LOL.)

WOW. It's going to be a kick-ass 2008 for Queen Kat Designs!

Thanks so much for having me! =)


Torn-Paper Jen said...

I am thrilled, THRILLED I tell you, to be on the team. Much love!!! xoxo

C70 said...

woohoo, NINA!!! CONGRATS, girl!!!

Deborah said...

Congrzts! You will have a blast! Deb


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