Monday, December 31, 2007

Last {Peek} of the year!

With only hours left to 2008, I have just finished photographing the February kits! The full kit will go up tomorrow and that's when you can buy yours! We have already had a lot of them reserved from our wait list. There's only 5: 6"X6" and 1" 12"X12" kit left! That's only 6 kits left for FEBRUARY!! Oh my! We still have 1 6"X6" kit left for January! Get it now before it's obsolete. Here's some sneeky peekies for you.
Don't let another kit go by.. subscribe now and reserve a kit for a year! This coming year is sure to be a "kit busting" year!
Tomorrow, we'll have not only the full size pic of the kit up but the NEW February Get Inked! kit pic & all of the new stamps for January!! Don't forget to check this blog tomorrow.

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