Friday, September 19, 2008

NEW Get Inked! Club

That's RIGHT! You read the title right. NEW Get Inked! Club. :) Beginning in January 2009, the Get Inked! kits will be done by COLOR instead of KIND of ink. That means that each month of the year, we will choose a color and theme our kit around it. So in any given month you can get 2-3 different KINDS of ink but with 1 COLOR or 2-3 varitions of that 1 COLOR.... Here's an example...

Say the color for January was Blue.. You may receive a Blue Chalk Ink, Blue Embossing Ink and Blue Brilliance.. included in the kit will still be the exclusive stamp set for the Get Inked! Kit and a technique sheet.

The techniques will be a mix each month instead of focusing on just 1 kind of ink, you will get more of a mixture and your ink collection will grow by leaps and bounds! We are having a fun time putting these kits together and if you've enjoyed using them leave us some love or email us to let us know. info@ katstamps. com (take spaces out).

Queen Kat Designs and the Inky Jesters are very excited about this change and can't wait for the new year!! Happy Stamping!

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