Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Too short...

Have you REALLY gotten into the whole inchy thing? I haven't. I think 1" is just too small to work with to really show off anything that's worth anything... So... Nikki came up with the concept of "Shorties" they are 1.5" X 1.75" and are the purrrrfect size to use and easy to create with. Take a look at some Shorties she made... This pic is with the shorties just colored and no bling..

This pic is with the shorties decked out and ready to par-tay!

How stinkin fun are they?? Here are some cards that Nikki created with the fun little shorties.

The stamps she used are called "Cupcake Friends" and will make their debut on November 1st. These fun funky stamps were designed by our very own SarahJane! Don't miss their entry into the world on November 1st. They are sure to sell quick!
Have you tried to make "shorties"? If not, get on it! It's a new addiction that you won't need a 12 step program for! :)


the whimsical butterfly said...

Those are TOO stinkin' Cute!!!

~amy~ said...

cute, cute, cute!!!


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