Wednesday, November 19, 2008

QKD Color Challenge

Using purple.. The QKD signiature color... Create 1 card. You must use at least 2 layers and 1 stamped image on the card. You may use any purple combo you have.. Adding black and white only. (if your image needs to be colored you may use any color you want see samples).

Now... kick it up a notch! Using the QKD signature color and add a pop of PINK... Any color pink..

Make another card using purple and pink using the same criteria as the first chalenge.

This is a two part challenge and to be entered into the drawing you need to do both parts. This challenge will have it's OWN prize drawing!! So, make sure you get your entries in before the deadline.


Anonymous said...

Hi Hi! my final stop of the day... here are my 2 cards... hope i did them right! *crossing fingers*



thanks for the awesome all day blog hop! I had a great time! soo much fun!

Prettier Stuff said...

Thank you for the great crop, I really had fun. I just posted my 2 purple cards for you over on my blog. All the others I made wed and finished up yesterday are there too. I hope you like them. MY BLOGSPOT IS
I hope you all have a good weekend. Melissa

BishopsMommie said...

Yay, I am finally done, It took me forever I, I completed every challenge, so I have made a total of 13 cards, and answered 3 questions, whooo hoooooooooo, he he I feel like I am running over the finish line. So here is a link to where all my bad boys are posted

I didnt have any of your stamps because Nikki--sent me a message about this the other day when I discovereed them--and they are so cute--I need some of those animals, esp. the whale--he is soo cute!! Anyways thanks for hosting I had lots of fun, and have definitely bookmarked the site so i can come around. Thanks again Tina


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