Friday, April 23, 2010

The SECRET is out!

Hi Stampers!

Queen Kat Designs is proud to announce that we are changing our stamps from clear polymer to Grey laser etched rubber! That's right, REAL rubber stamps!! I am so excited, I've been chomping at the bit driving all my Facebook friends nuts with hints it's unreal.

This move comes for a couple of reasons.. #1 I can acheive more deatil in our stamps with a laser machine that I ever could with polymer. and #2 Health risks. Unless I catch myself on fire with the new machine, there's no health risks for me in making the stamps where as submerging my hands 6-9 hours a day in photopolymer and breathing the fumes didn't do me any good.

The Royal Court is so STOKED for this change they can not wait to get to work with the stamps. The machine just arrived yesterday and I'm still setting it up. I plan to have the rubber stamps in the store and starting to ship on May 1st just in time for National Scrapbook Month.

The stamps will be unmounted and will come in sets or sold as singles as we've always done it. No changes there. :) We will sell EZ Mount foam for you to mount your stamps on. It's on order and hopefully will be here sometime next week.

So... right now, ALL QKD stamps left in stock are 50% off! Come and take advantage of the sale and clear us out of clear stamps to help make room for the rubba!

There's still part of the secret that it under wraps that only 1-2 people know about.. I'm still working on the product but it'll be announced soon and will be shipping May 1st as well!

If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know! You're probably wanting to see the difference in the stamps, huh?? Can you guess which is rubba and which is clear polymer?

until next time.. Queen Kat


stephanie said...

Sounds great Vicki.

dini said...

Exciting! Laser etched sounds so cool.......

Nina said...

Vicki, you know I love yah and QKD. And this is like the most spectacular thing ever! Congrats, congrats and so excited to see these babies in real life! =)


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