Friday, February 24, 2012

A Little Fairy Magic in the Air

I was taking a walk in the forest last week when the winter weather suddenly farted out a beautiful spring day.  Can you imagine 60 degrees at the end of January---in Chicago??? 
Neither could I, which is why I wasn't surprised when I glanced down on the forest path to spy this little fairy taking a break from her busy schedule.

When she saw my big clodhopper boots near her private sanctum, she rushed off in a cloud of fairy dust, but not before inspiring me to make this card with Mushroom Fairy stamp by Miss Megs.

I tried to catch the shimmer that surrounded her, but we mere mortals can't quite see the fairy folk as they really are.  Still, I think I did a decent job of capturing my magical moment with her, don't you?

Speaking of fairy folk and magic, have you read Beauty by Sherri S. Tepper?  It's an old read, but a good one, with a twist to the old sleeping beauty theme set in modern days. 

I think I still have my copy, and I'm in the mood for a little fantasy reading tonight!  You can probably snag your own copy on Amazon or at your local library.

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