Thursday, November 1, 2007

About Me Challenge

I'm posting the About Me Challenge info over here. We are almost done with it..

Week 1:
This is a fun way to really get to know yourself. For the next 7 weeks, we will have 1 new topic to work with. For this challenge, you will need some sort of album or journal.. You can also just create scrapbook pages if you want to.

Week 1: Make the cover page and back cover to your book. Make sure it represents you and things you truely like.

Each week you will create 2 pages to your book. You will need a total of 12 pages plus front and back cover. Topics will be posted here on Sat or Sun for the remaining 6 weeks. Make sure to post your creations in OUR gallery here at Queen Kat Desings. There will be one set up sometime this week.

Use your creativity and dig deep into your soul to create a great book of you. Try to think about who you are.. Not who you want to be or who you are not, but who you ARE and be proud of it.

Week 2:
Ok guys… how’s it coming? Is anyone taking the challenge?

Our topic for this week is…. What’s your favorite place(s) to travel to?

This week, you’ll do a 2 page spread on where you like to travel. Make it all about you and use the colors of the places you like to go.. Or what colors you think of when you think “I wish I was there”. Happy Creating.

Week 3:
How’s it coming? Is everyone discovering new things about themselves?

Our topic for this week is…. What’s your favorite animal? (It can be a pet or a wild animal.)

This week, you’ll do a 2 page spread on your favorite animal. Have fun and get creative! Happy Creating.

Week 4:
So, we are 4 weeks in.. Are you learning new things about yourself? Are you discovering you like different things than you thought you did?

This weeks theme is Childhood Memories… What are your favorite childhood memories? Where were you when they happened? Who were you with? Why do you think they are your favorite?

Week 5:
I was thinking this past week.. What’s a good color theme? So.. the theme for this week is… What is or are your favorite colors to creat with? What color(s) do you use most on your handmade projects? Make a 2 page spread in your book about YOUR favorite creative colors!

Remember all pics are to be posted in the QKD gallery.

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