Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Royal Stamping Maid Search

The search for the next Stamping Maid is going well! We have received a lot of applications. There have been some changes to the process in how we will choose the new court member. So, the announcement will not take place on November 25th. It will be January 1. If you are sill in the running for the call, you will be in the loop and will be contacted by a QKD representative on November 26th. We have received so many great applications it is going to be hard to narrow them down. The office is buzzing with activity as we begin the review process. So, keep your fingers crossed.

We have another announcement also. The Royal Stamping Maid position has been changed from a 1 year term to a 6 month term. This will give more people the opportunity to create for us. So, if you don't make it this time, never fear!! You will be asked to re-submit for the new term in 6 months!

Please note that the date to have your applications in to us is still November 25th. Thank you.

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