Thursday, November 1, 2007

Make That Stamp Contest

Ok, it’s time for another contest here at Queen Kat Designs Blog!! It’s called Make that stamp! QKD would like to know what kinds of stamps you want. If you have some ideas that you have not seen on clear stamps that you would like to have, please comment here.
When we have received your comment, we will copy it to our journal and delete your comment. Why? well, because we want to see how many people have different ideas. This way your ideas won’t be influenced by others. If you’d like, you can email your ideas to us at

If we use your idea, your name will be entered in a drawing… 3 people will win a FREE stamp set of their idea! This contest will run until December 1st at 10 AM MST. Winners will be announced in January when their stamp sets will debut.
Have fun and get creative!

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