Monday, October 31, 2011

Birthday Celebration Bingo Card

Here's the bingo card for the game that we will play beginning on Thursday Nov 3rd. So make sure you have it printed out, filled in and scanned in before the game starts!

If you would like to play in Queen Kat Bingo, please email your completed bingo card to: by 8am PST on Thursday Nov 3rd.

No card in my inbox for you= No Bingo game for you!

To Print: Open link above and right click on the bingo card and save to your computer and print out just like a photo. you may have to resize the card if it's printing too large.

To Fill Out: Using the stamp designers names on the sheet fill in each block with 1 name. Be sure not to duplicate a name and leave the middle square empty. That's the FREE space! :)

About the game:
Each day I will call up to 4 names. I will post them on the Facebook Fan Page as well as alter THIS blog post! I will update the game sometime throughout the day. There will also be a "Note" on our Fan Page that I will update with the days words.

To Win:
This is 3 line Bingo

You must get 3 lines blacked out to get bingo. They can be across, down or diagnol. But there must be 3 lines that match the names called.

When you have 3 lines blacked out on your card call bingo on the Facebook Fan Page!

I will be playing along with you all on your cards and will know when someone gets bingo but if you don't call it out, you'll miss out on your prize!! It's BINGO peeps! Scream it like you mean it!

The prize will be a $25 gift certificate to the Queen Kat Designs Stamp Store for Rubber Stamps!


This file is property of Queen Kat Designs and is not to be used or altered by any other company or person. Make your own!

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