Friday, October 7, 2011

Witch Sisters by Marlon T

Witch Sisters by Marlon T
 Good Morning, crafters!  My name is Pat and I am a new Royal Stamping Maiden for Queen Kat Designs (aka Design Team Member).  I would like to introduce you to QKD's October Release rubber stamp set,  Witch Sisters by Marlon T.

I have Halloween on my mind today.  This is one of my favorite holidays, mostly because of the fun factor.  When else can you dress up (or down) and act a part, or let your goofy personality shine forth (without the help of a few glasses of wine)?  So I inked up a couple of stamps from Marlon T's set and I have a little story to tell you...

Once upon a time, there were two sisters who were much like everyone else, except they were lucky enough to be witches.  Not the bad old ugly crones you see in horror movies, just two very spiritual and perceptive witches who channeled the energies of nature into spells and potions and a few nocturnal flights on their broom sticks.
Their names were Caterina and Bathilda, but most called them Kitty and Batty.  Kitty flew when the moon was full, with her pet cat, Midnight, by her side.  Batty liked to fly alongside her pet, Shadow, who was a black bat.
Both girls were young, pretty and had a great sense of humor.  They liked to play tricks on each other, and sometimes on their neighbors, which did not make them very popular when it came time for parties.  No one was likely to forget Alice’s tenth birthday party, to whom the girls were innocently invited. 
Batty gave Alice a beautiful hand mirror, that unfortunately reflected the viewer's secret dissatisfaction with themselves.  Alice went around all afternoon smoothing down a cowlick that was never really there,  and Peter, who swiped the mirror when she wasn't looking, kept picking his nose, sure that the long booger hanging from his right nostril would come out this time.
Batty wasn’t alone in the mayhem-making.  Kitty had stood behind one of the mothers in the food line, and watched as the adult took the last of the chocolate chip cookies.  Kitty graciously offered a cup of punch to the poor woman, who couldn’t stop grunting and squealing like a pig until she woke the next morning.

But I lose myself in the story of the Witch Sisters, whose stamps you can purchase HERE.  Now for my project...
I am hostessing a Halloween party, and I love to handmake a lot of my decorations, favors, etc.  One thing I want to have on hand is a pile of containers in which guests can take home treats.  Both hubby and I are diabetic, so we don't want them lingering here, calling to us suggestively in the middle of the night.  So picture this box and the others filled with all sorts of cupcakes, cookies and sweet treats.  Yum, but I think my blood sugar just went up a couple notches writing this!!
I snagged a package of these cupcake boxes on clearance last November, and colored and adhered my Witch Sisters onto the tops with a couple of the sentiments that go with the stamp set.   A pretty Halloween ribbon around the box will complete the "To Go" boxes.

If you want to hear more about Batty and Kitty, I have more projects I’ll be posting this month from this bewitching stamp set, so keep checking back, and don’t forget the new set is called Witch Sisters by Marlon T, available for purchase now at the STORE.  Don't forget to leave some love!


Lucia M said...

Love the box and the witches are just adorable!



thestampingbug said...

Love these witchy sisters...They remind me of Bewitched. LOVE LOVE LOVE them.


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