Friday, October 21, 2011

Forest Night in October

Forest Night by Terra Bidlespacher
Happy Friday, all! 
I love the fanstasy stamps from QKD so much.  Terra Bidlespacher's Forest Night image makes me feel like I was interrupting a serious family discussion while walking in the woods, pausing only long enough to snap a photo of the group before turning apologetically around and taking a different path, never to meet the close-knit group again, and later wondering if I really saw them, or it was just my imagination in the forest night.
Today I made a Z card and decided that this fairy needed to have a mossy tinge to her skin, what with living in the forest all the time.
I threw this card together using leftover bits and pieces of patterned paper and my last roses from the closing of my local Michael’s store (rest in peace, you will be missed).
If this pretty forest fairy and her surroundings whispers to your muse, she can be found HERE along with so many other gorgeous and fun stamps.  The QKD store offers free shipping on minimum orders, clearance items, and monthly kits, so there's something for everyone!!  (My shopping list at QKD is a mile long!)
Enjoy this bewitching month of crisp autumn air, falling leaves and the smell of mulled apple cider!  Because
QKD will celebrate their 5th birthday on November 19th. Just click HERE for the event details and you can RSVP. Everyone who is attending gets a chance for a prize, and there's lots more where that came from!!
Starting on November 1, QKD will have a 19 day long celebration! Lots of fun things are planned!  Sure hope you can join us in the celebration!

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