Monday, October 31, 2011

It's Birthday Time at the Castle!

Thank you for joining us today as we kick off the 5th birthday celebration for Queen Kat Designs Stamp Co. We are grateful to have you here as we celebrate 5 years of stamping fun! It’s been a fun adventure that we embarked on in November 2006 and the adventures keep on coming!

We are hosting a 19 day extravaganza of prizes and fun! We have lots of prizes from our artists! Each day we will do at least 1 giveaway or have a way for you to enter to win something!

Here’s a bit about what we have in store for you for the next 19 days!


-A game of Bingo.. Queen Kat Style

-Stamp releases


and more!

Most of the excitment will take place on the QKD Fan Page on Facebook so come "Like" us and jump in!

We are kicking the celebration off with a Royal Court blog hop! You are at your first stop here at the Castle Blog. I have a pretty resist card to share with you today. For this card, I used a new stamp set coming out tomorrow in the new stamp release, Versamark ink, Ripe Persimmon and Seedless Preserves Distress Ink along with some Black Stazon. My photo isn't the best, I'm sorry. I'm learning a new camera and by the time I made the card it was dark outside. :)

I hope you will continue the blog hop. Your next stop is.. Pat Martin

If you get lost along the way, make your way back here to the castle.. Here's the entire hop order for today.

QKD Blog












Birthday Celebration Bingo Card

Here's the bingo card for the game that we will play beginning on Thursday Nov 3rd. So make sure you have it printed out, filled in and scanned in before the game starts!

If you would like to play in Queen Kat Bingo, please email your completed bingo card to: by 8am PST on Thursday Nov 3rd.

No card in my inbox for you= No Bingo game for you!

To Print: Open link above and right click on the bingo card and save to your computer and print out just like a photo. you may have to resize the card if it's printing too large.

To Fill Out: Using the stamp designers names on the sheet fill in each block with 1 name. Be sure not to duplicate a name and leave the middle square empty. That's the FREE space! :)

About the game:
Each day I will call up to 4 names. I will post them on the Facebook Fan Page as well as alter THIS blog post! I will update the game sometime throughout the day. There will also be a "Note" on our Fan Page that I will update with the days words.

To Win:
This is 3 line Bingo

You must get 3 lines blacked out to get bingo. They can be across, down or diagnol. But there must be 3 lines that match the names called.

When you have 3 lines blacked out on your card call bingo on the Facebook Fan Page!

I will be playing along with you all on your cards and will know when someone gets bingo but if you don't call it out, you'll miss out on your prize!! It's BINGO peeps! Scream it like you mean it!

The prize will be a $25 gift certificate to the Queen Kat Designs Stamp Store for Rubber Stamps!


This file is property of Queen Kat Designs and is not to be used or altered by any other company or person. Make your own!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

QKD Turns 5 in 20 days!!

You're invited to the 5th birthday celebration of Queen Kat Designs Rubber Stamp Company!!


We are celebrating our 5th birthday in November! There will be Challenges with prizes, Daily giveaways, contests, a sweepstakes giveaway and lots more!!Come and celebrate with QKD and our fabulous artists. There's NO set time to come. It's all online! come in your jammies bring your hot chocolate and get ready for 19 days of fun!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Witch Sisters by Marlon T, Part 2

Happy Friday, crafters!  My Halloween mojo is really cranking out some projects!  Today I’m making Halloween candles for party decorations.

Which reminds me of the time when Kitty and Batty were just learning their spells and almost set the whole town on fire.  Kitty and Batty (my names for them) are stamps from the Queen Kat Designs October release stamp set called Witch Sisters by Marlon T. 
Well, Kitty was reading spells out of the big book left to them by their great, great grandmother.  Batty was only half listening, as she had her eye on the last chocolate chip cookie on the plate.  Did I mention Batty loved chocolate chip cookies?
Suddenly, Kitty snapped the book with a bang and jumped from her perch on the arm of the couch.  “Let’s try it!” she exclaimed.  Batty didn’t want to appear inattentive (again) so she jumped up with her sister and agreed, to what she had no idea!
Kitty set about gathering up leaves and cinnamon and ashes from the fireplace while Batty pulled out the battered cauldron from under the stairs and took it outside.  Kitty filled it with the materials she had gathered, held Batty’s hands in hers and whispered to her that it was time to close their eyes and recite the words to the spell.
Since Batty had been accused many times of not paying attention, she just closed her eyes and whispered words that she thought sounded “magical” and that rhymed rather nicely.
When a wave of heat blasted her in the face, she opened her eyes to see a jet of fire pouring out of the cauldron!
Kitty was running around the fire, exclaiming that this was NOT supposed to be so large and waving her arms about in a helpless fashion.  So Batty did the only thing she could think of to help---she kicked the cauldron over and…
It started to roll down the front yard and onto the street and straight down toward town (cauldrons are a bit rounded on their bottoms, you know).
Well, that shook Kitty right out of her useless circling.  She hopped onto her broom and flew straight up to the sky.  Meanwhile, poor Batty had gone running after the cauldron in hopes of catching it.  Just before it bounced into the vicar’s fence, the cauldron caught a draft (steered along by Kitty and a helpful cloud) and veered right into the town well, where the fire was drowned in a hiss of steam and slightly orange smoke.
No one but the vicar saw the cauldron nearly miss his fence and steam up at the well, and he never alluded to it (and who would believe him?), but from that day forward he always kept an eye out for the two Witch Sisters.

Oops, I got sidetracked there, back to my Halloween candles.  I stamped and colored my images onto mulberry paper (tissue paper works just as well, just has less dimension).  I used both witch sisters and three different sentiments, and each candle will be either green, orange or purple.  I tore my mulberry paper to fit the pillar candles I bought and then cut a piece of wax paper the size of the candle.  I placed first my paper on the candle, then the wax paper over it.  Holding it tightly to the candle, I used my heat gun to heat up  the wax and seal the paper onto the candle.  I don’t know if you can tell from the photo, but when finished, the candle looks like the paper and image are beneath the wax.  To finish off the candle, I added adhesive-backed beads to the bottom.  I’m making about a dozen of these to help set a festive table come the Halloween party.

The Witch Sisters stamp set by Marlon T comes with a variety various bewitching sentiments like the ones I used on today’s project.  They are a great addition to all crafters who like to stamp some fun this Halloween, and can be found HERE.

Oops, before I forget, don't YOU forget the QKD Birthday celebration starting November 1.  Can you believe Queen Kat Designs will be 5 years old this November 19?  Check out their Facebook event HERE and RSVP that you're attending and your name will be entered to win a prize.  Then get ready for 19 days of fun and crafting and inspiration and prizes!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

I Smell a Birthday Celebration

That's right, Queen Kat Designs is celebrating its fifth birthday with a 19 day celebration!  Fun and inspiration for everyone--Have you RSVPd yet?  Check out the Facebook Fan Page for the details and come praty with us!  The party starts November 1st!

As you can see I have my present all wrapped up and ready to go!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Forest Night in October

Forest Night by Terra Bidlespacher
Happy Friday, all! 
I love the fanstasy stamps from QKD so much.  Terra Bidlespacher's Forest Night image makes me feel like I was interrupting a serious family discussion while walking in the woods, pausing only long enough to snap a photo of the group before turning apologetically around and taking a different path, never to meet the close-knit group again, and later wondering if I really saw them, or it was just my imagination in the forest night.
Today I made a Z card and decided that this fairy needed to have a mossy tinge to her skin, what with living in the forest all the time.
I threw this card together using leftover bits and pieces of patterned paper and my last roses from the closing of my local Michael’s store (rest in peace, you will be missed).
If this pretty forest fairy and her surroundings whispers to your muse, she can be found HERE along with so many other gorgeous and fun stamps.  The QKD store offers free shipping on minimum orders, clearance items, and monthly kits, so there's something for everyone!!  (My shopping list at QKD is a mile long!)
Enjoy this bewitching month of crisp autumn air, falling leaves and the smell of mulled apple cider!  Because
QKD will celebrate their 5th birthday on November 19th. Just click HERE for the event details and you can RSVP. Everyone who is attending gets a chance for a prize, and there's lots more where that came from!!
Starting on November 1, QKD will have a 19 day long celebration! Lots of fun things are planned!  Sure hope you can join us in the celebration!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

Another week another day of Thursday thoughts. This week has turned off cooler (definitely something that was needed!). When it is cooler, it seems (to me at least) that it is the perfect weather for snuggling up with a cup of coffee and a good book or a cup of coffee and crafting away.

Here's one of the recent projects that has come off of my scrap table!

This is another card featuring Bunny by Terra B.

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, October 17, 2011

backgrounds part 2

hello monday.......  friends wanted to know how i did back ground paper so i thought i would do a video and i could not get it to work but i will try here are some pictures to show some of the steps....just remember no right or wrong and if you don't like it keep adding to it .....=0) I like to use 3 colors and add all over a piece of paper or art journal page bright and crazy......then i water down white paint or use the airbrush paint that is already thin (learned from Donna Downey)
put it on top of one side then mist with water and brush over (make sure paint is dry) then if i want more color to show i will lift some of the white off with paper towel.... once dry i use black ink and stamp some of my favorite stamps on like clock faces and my words background....

I cut up the paper to use as backgrounds for card and ATC's sometimes i will use white paint on a stamp and stamp to add extra dimension and use white paint on my finger and go around the edges (gives a different look than ink).
then i added ink to edges and a little on card to blend again adding layers of  items or techniques create depth to the backgrounds....for more examples go to 
Thanks and have fun painting background papers....
=0) jeanie

Friday, October 14, 2011

Swing on into a Forest Night

Forest Night by Terra Bidlespacher
  Happy Friday, crafters!  Today I decided to play with my new stamp called Forest Night by Terra Bidlespacher.  The full stamp is so beautiful and I promise I will make a card to show off the full image on another Friday post, but for now I decided to make a moving card.  Because the window in which the image hangs is somewhat small, I had to cut the image down a bit.
I had made a spinning swing card once before, and wanted to see how Forest Night would present, so I  colored and cut out the fairy in the stamp to use as the spinning image.  The design is fairly simple, and I made a video tutorial of it.  You can view it by clicking the following link (I hope):

If you are as enamored of this image as I am, Forest Night by Terra Bidlespacher is available for purchase now at the STORE.  Don't forget to leave some love!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

Thursday, Thursday -- Penny here again with another quick thought on Thursday.  I love crafting and creating and know that so many others out there are just like me -- but, always remember that your work is yours and as such it is fabulous!! 

Terrell Dorfeo's Butterfly Care is the stamp that I used this week. I took a little license with it and gave her blue hair.  It was either blue or pink and today, I decided to go with blue!

Thanks for stopping by!  Hope you can come by next week as well!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday backgrounds

Hello Monday....
I want to show a background matter what our project we have to start somewhere and most times it is with papers....BUT what if we don't have any (experienced this when i lost all supplies to a fire)
or what if it just isn't the right color and it is midnight when we are inspired? well make some...
for the next few weeks i will be posting the steps and how to's till we get to the finished item (s) .....

Start with 3 colors you like and randomly paint them on 8.5x11 card stock, we will learn to mute them later..... randomly add some stamps.....there is a sale going on at QKD store.

see you next time for the next installments of making backgrounds (or your own patterned papers) 
have a great paper crafting week
=0) jeanie

Friday, October 7, 2011

Witch Sisters by Marlon T

Witch Sisters by Marlon T
 Good Morning, crafters!  My name is Pat and I am a new Royal Stamping Maiden for Queen Kat Designs (aka Design Team Member).  I would like to introduce you to QKD's October Release rubber stamp set,  Witch Sisters by Marlon T.

I have Halloween on my mind today.  This is one of my favorite holidays, mostly because of the fun factor.  When else can you dress up (or down) and act a part, or let your goofy personality shine forth (without the help of a few glasses of wine)?  So I inked up a couple of stamps from Marlon T's set and I have a little story to tell you...

Once upon a time, there were two sisters who were much like everyone else, except they were lucky enough to be witches.  Not the bad old ugly crones you see in horror movies, just two very spiritual and perceptive witches who channeled the energies of nature into spells and potions and a few nocturnal flights on their broom sticks.
Their names were Caterina and Bathilda, but most called them Kitty and Batty.  Kitty flew when the moon was full, with her pet cat, Midnight, by her side.  Batty liked to fly alongside her pet, Shadow, who was a black bat.
Both girls were young, pretty and had a great sense of humor.  They liked to play tricks on each other, and sometimes on their neighbors, which did not make them very popular when it came time for parties.  No one was likely to forget Alice’s tenth birthday party, to whom the girls were innocently invited. 
Batty gave Alice a beautiful hand mirror, that unfortunately reflected the viewer's secret dissatisfaction with themselves.  Alice went around all afternoon smoothing down a cowlick that was never really there,  and Peter, who swiped the mirror when she wasn't looking, kept picking his nose, sure that the long booger hanging from his right nostril would come out this time.
Batty wasn’t alone in the mayhem-making.  Kitty had stood behind one of the mothers in the food line, and watched as the adult took the last of the chocolate chip cookies.  Kitty graciously offered a cup of punch to the poor woman, who couldn’t stop grunting and squealing like a pig until she woke the next morning.

But I lose myself in the story of the Witch Sisters, whose stamps you can purchase HERE.  Now for my project...
I am hostessing a Halloween party, and I love to handmake a lot of my decorations, favors, etc.  One thing I want to have on hand is a pile of containers in which guests can take home treats.  Both hubby and I are diabetic, so we don't want them lingering here, calling to us suggestively in the middle of the night.  So picture this box and the others filled with all sorts of cupcakes, cookies and sweet treats.  Yum, but I think my blood sugar just went up a couple notches writing this!!
I snagged a package of these cupcake boxes on clearance last November, and colored and adhered my Witch Sisters onto the tops with a couple of the sentiments that go with the stamp set.   A pretty Halloween ribbon around the box will complete the "To Go" boxes.

If you want to hear more about Batty and Kitty, I have more projects I’ll be posting this month from this bewitching stamp set, so keep checking back, and don’t forget the new set is called Witch Sisters by Marlon T, available for purchase now at the STORE.  Don't forget to leave some love!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

Another week, another Thursday, and another card from me!!!  Here we are in October -- yes, hard to believe. This week, I wanted to feature a card using a stamp by Terra Bidlespacher.

This stamp is Bunny; the girl looks so pensive, almost sad as she is holding the sweet little bunny!  I used some patterned paper and mesh only on this card -- simple but effective design!

Thanks for stopping by and make sure you stop by next week to see what card I will feature.

Monday, October 3, 2011


life has been a ride the last and family and work and my husband broke his toe yesterday and we are in Ogden Utah today....craziness...............
happy stamping


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