Saturday, September 14, 2013

Kathy Cyr and Mixed Media

I have a fascination with art journals and mixed media.  Art journals are a place for me to explore techniques and then have a place to write about life's ups and downs.  

For this page, I used the following supplies:

The stamp by Kathy Cyr is called Dead Inside Fairy
Golden Gesso
Acrylic Paints in white and aqua blue
Colored Pencils
Vintage ephemera "things to do today" and fragile handle with care sticker
Digital vintage image music paper and designed paper
A acrylic clock face 
A credit card for a brush
Matte Mod Podge

The Kathy Cyr image is perfect for a journaling page.  Kathy's images really tend to touch the heart.  I intend to write about when I feel fragile and need special care.  On this page, there is a lot of space for writing.  I can journal in the blue and white painted areas or on the vintage paper.  Undoubtedly the journaling will be rich on this page (and private, too).  If you enjoy this image pop over to the Queen Kat store and check it out.  The store has lots of really amazing images, to spur your creative thinking so take a look at all of them.  You WILL find something to match the style you are looking for.

~ Victoria


Squiddy said...

Fragile happens so often, one can buy tape with it printed on to enhance our art. How come one cannot get tape printed with "Robust" though.
Nothing to do with your particular post, but I really don't like the font used - "GOLDEN GESSO" for instance - I have white, clear and black... now it comes in gold??? After a moment thought, "Golden" is brand, not colour - silly me!!!

Pat said...

I too love to art journal. You made a great page on which to write about life and the way it's treating you!

Sharon said...

A great page Victoria - I like to play around with journal pages too!


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