Sunday, February 28, 2010

Thank you Helene

I would like to thank Helene for a great 8 months. As she wraps up her term with QKD I'd like to share some of my favorite highlights of her time with us.

This first card is wonderful. If I remember right it was a card that she made when she applied for the royal court. She used the Birthday cake stamp set from QKD and lots of black and white. Very classy!

This next card was one that she made for me for my 29th birthday. Yes, my REAL 29th birthday not my 2nd or 3rd. :) I'm not there yet! I love this card so much. The colors are just awesome!She got the holding part right! :) And last but never least, this card is awesome!! I love how she did the shading and the fun background for the tree. It looks picture purrrfect.
So to you my dear friend, Helene, thank you for all that you have done while on the court. We are so blessed to have a friend like you. Take care and God Bless.

Your friends on the QKD Royal Court


Nina said...

Helene, you are just such an awesome and generous person and artist. I know I'll miss you terribly. I hope this is not the last that we will hear from you. I hope to still see your awesome creations over here in the future. Best of luck and God bless you, dearest!


Joanne said...

I really enjoy your blog. This is not the first time I have stopped by. I love your style of art and writing. PS: am new blogger and if this comes thru as "do not reply" it is a mistake on my part

CraftyMomOf2 said...


You rock the house girlie!! I'm so blessed to have been able to work with you since I started with QKD!!! You are an inspiration and a fantastic artist!!

I will always be a loyal follower and I'm sure our paths will cross again!!



Lara said...

Helene, we will definitely miss you! I have so enjoyed your creations!

Nancyroo said...

You will be missed!

Alex said...

Helene!!! You are wonderful. Not only artistically, but as a person! We will miss you tons!

2amscrapper said...

What a nice surprise! Thanks Queen Kat for the post and to everyone who left a comment!

Keely Yowler said...

Helene, Your cards are absolutely gorgeous! Best of luck to you.

Juliet Diley said... will be missed, but you will NOT be a stranger!!!!! Thank you!

Shannon said...

You'll be missed! Your creations have been great!!!

Penny said...

girl, you are such an incredible person and artist and will definitely be missed around here!!!

Your work and you are so inspiring!!!

Anita said...

I am going to miss you so much. I love everything you have created and how supportive you are to all of us. Best wishes for your crafty future. I hope that our paths will cross again.

MrsETaylor said...

Helene, Thank you for the inspiration you give to others every time you share your work. May that never stop!

Blessings and best of luck in your future endeavors.


My name is Wynneth said...

Oh Helene, goodbyes are always so sad :o( I will miss you and your wonderful creations, but especially your so supportive comments :o) I wish you love and joy for the future my dear :o)

stephanie said...

Awesome creations Helene. Good luck with all you do and keep up your wonderful work.


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