Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ash Evans Has Arrived!!!

Today I have the esteemed pleasure of introducing you to one of my new friends and artists... Ash Evans! All I can do is sing her praise! She's a blessing to work with and a great gal overall. So, please meet my friend, Ash..

"Ash Evans is the painter of things with horns fur and wings and a self proclaimed Unicorn Queen. She holds court just outside Baltimore, Maryland USA. Describing herself as a professional creature artist, Ash has her style rooted in the realm of fantasy. She cobbles creatures together with many different mediums including: Digital, acrylic, watercolor, pencil, and oils. Most days you can find her in her studio spattered with paint and muttering to herself. She is easily distracted by shiny objects, enjoys reading and horseback riding."

Ash's motto is: "I want to make the world a more magical place one unicorn at a time".

Her stamps will be in the store tonight at 7pm PST. We are having a release party with giveaways tonight at that time on our Facebook Fan page. Please join us!

Now hop over to Jan's blog for the 1st stop on the blog hop today!

The whole hop order for today is:

Visit Ash:


sleeplesswonder said...

Love the stamps, Ash has a lot of talent. Requested her on FB. TFS.
Melissa D

Lelia Pierce said...

All of the stops on the hop are linked as one...


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