Saturday, April 16, 2011

Thursday Thoughts - Saturday Style!!

Okay, no excuses here, I have really got to post my Thursday Thoughts early because if my schedule continues, I am never home on Thursdays!!! Then yesterday, well, just say, I am glad yesterday is over!

So, what do I have to share with you today -- I was in the store looking to see what I wanted to add to my collection of stamps and came across these stamps. And they reminded me of how much I love the versatility of the stamps that are available at QKD!

First, Silhouette Fairy designed by Kirstin Mills.

And Pansy Girl by Mitzi Wiuff (oh my do I love pansies)

And finally today, there is Mermaid Poodle Bath by Sherri Baldy (my 10 year old daughter is dying for this one!!)

Oh my is all I can say and again, it is so fabulous that QKD has all of these different styles and these are just a small, very small, sampling of what there is available!!! I definitely need to go shopping!!!

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