Friday, April 20, 2012

Flutter Kitty by Terrel Dorfeo

I am a girl of the 70's.  Well, I was.  Those were my teenage years, the years of flower power, CCR and Blood, Sweat & Tears, sizzler suits, hot pants, bell-bottom jeans, and suede fringe jackets.  Boys who were cute were foxy, and their hair was longer than ours.  In high school, we were big, we were bad and we were burnt...
But all good things must come to an end...THANK GOD!!! 
Now it's spin classes, annual physicals and Weight Watchers for health, the "oldies" radio station and reruns of Saturday Night Live for entertainment, and a night out usually means going out to dinner and ends around ten pm!!  Not that I'm complaining.  I get kinda cranky if I'm not in my pajamas, getting ready to go to bed by 10!  But still, those years were good to me.
Forgive my little rant of nostalgia, it  goes very well with the tie-dye patterned paper I used for my new card, along with the title of my post (thank you, Stray Cats).  The Queen Kat Designs image, called Flutter Cat by artist Terrell Dorfeo, gave me such a flashback to my teen years that I had to make it, if not "vintage" (I'm not my 101 year old grandma), then a little "psychodelic".
The "Flutter Cat" image will be released this month, so if you like it, check QKD for when it goes on sale!  I loved coloring him with my Copics, and the way he's curled around that flower made me cut the image in the shape of a circle.
Decorating the card front are the tiny Prima flowers, in whose centers I placed tiny pearls, and two colors of raffia.  I added more pearls to the iamge for a little bling.
I hope you like my kitty.  Happy crafting!!


Carol L said...

TFS the nostalgic memories - I can relate! Cute card with all those colorful elements and design! Keep on truckin'.......LOL

SuzQ said...

I love this image! The background is great. I've been trying to find one of those 70's toys that you used to be able to put the paper in and place dots of color on your paper and turn it on. It whirls around and you have a really cool background. Love your card!


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