Monday, April 23, 2012


  I had a wonderful time creating this tag using the technique from the video above.  I took a really great class at Queens Ink at Savage Mills in Maryland.

    The class was so wonderful.  It was quiet by accident that I was there to take the class, I thought the "two tag" class was on Thrusday, it was Tuesday, I missed the two tag one for the card making one.  Even though I'm primarly a paper artist/card maker, I was so thrilled to take the class.  It was so fun.    We pretty much used the techniques that are shown in the video above for the most part, adding my own colors, stamps and embellishments. 

  I went by my local Wal-mart and in the home decore' section, I found 3 stencils for $2.99. I bought three different ones and am having a blast with this technique.  It works very well on manilla envelopes,folders and tags as well.  Go get your cheap paper towels and go for it!

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Pat said...

Looks like I'll be staying up late, trying this out! Looks easy and fun, thanks for sharing!


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