Monday, February 11, 2013

Hoppity Whooo?

Here's a Easter bunny? Easter who? or should I say Easter hoot?  Well, certainly Easter cute, that's for sure. It's an Easter owl, who wants to be your Easter bunny.  I had this adorable image from Queen Kat artist Sandra Caldwell called Hoppity Who.  I used some wonderful papers from Paper Temptress to create this fun card as Easter is just around the corner.

So, the little owl above wants to ask whoooo? is going to be your valentine?  Then run off to the Queen Kat store and check out the adorable Easter themed stamps, esp the cuties from Sandra Caldwell like Hoppity Who!

Cheers, Holley


Anonymous said...

I think this is so cute. I came to see your "snuggle monster" but this was on top. The "snuggle monster" is adorable too. Great cards. :)

Pat said...

Haha! Love the little rhyme that starts your post! Sandra's image rocks the holiday, too!

Sandra said...

Another spot on job Holley...too cute , Thanks for a great job !!


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