Friday, February 22, 2008

Altered Board Book: a tutorial

Project: The Panic Book
altered 6.5" x 6.5" children's board book
Stamps used:
Queen Kat Designs Library Card Stamp, flowers from the Greetings # 3 Stamp Set, Bubbles Background Stamp, Lady's Face Stamp, Royal Wings Stamp Set, Tag Journaling Stamp # 2, Coffee Stain Stamp, and "Happy Day" from a new stamp set coming out on March 1, 2008.

Materials needed: an old children's board book, gesso, acrylic paint, white cardstock, Queen Kat Designs clear stamps, crossbones are from a plastic hanging curtain set (alternatively, you can use this stamp from Queen Kat Designs), ephemera (sticker from a traveling kit), ink, double-sided tape.

1. Sand all the pages of the board book.
2. Apply a coat of gesso on each page. Let dry. Apply a second coat. Let dry.
3. Decorate all the pages as you wish with acrylic paint. It's helpful to paint the front and back cover last.
4. Stamp Queen Kat Designs clear stamps using watered-down acrylic paint on the pages.
5. Paint your message or sentiments on each page.

6. Stamp images on white cardstock, cut out and attach to pages.
7. Journal on the journaling stamp images.

8. Add the final decoration on the front and back cover.

If you wish to see more images, kindly visit the Queen Kat Designs gallery here. Look under the Royal Court's Galleries under Nina. Thanks so much for reading and hope you found this tutorial useful. =)


C70 said...

what a cool project, Nina!! TFS!!

- Christine

Lee i. said...

Love the concept Nina. Maybe I should make a "Read! in case of an emergency" book. :-)

Pooka said...

I LOVE this. Of course, you need to add a scrap of towel, tribute to Douglas Adams, for the whole Do Not Panic thing!

Heck, I need one of these!

Liza said...

great work on your altered board book nina! love the art journal treatment and it is such a great way to really express yourself.

the dreamer said...

Haha. Pooka, yup, I was thinking of The Hitchiker's Guide (the movie, haven't read the book) the entire time while I was doing this. Hehe.


C70 said...

That's a pretty cool project, Nina!!! Thanks for sharing!!


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