Friday, February 29, 2008

Project: ATC Book

There are numerous methods for storing and displaying all of the ATCs (artist trading cards, for those not in the know) that you collect. I wasn't particularly fond of the idea of just putting them into the big binders with the trading card sheets: first off, that's how I store my Sizzix dies, so it might confuse me because I'm a dork, and second, because it puts multiple cards on a page, so that your eyes get distracted trying to figure out which one to look at. Also, it's just not as much FUN to look through them that way.

So, I went and did a bit of shopping, and figured out how to make a book to display ATCs so each gets its own page, and gives me a nice, small, portable album. What you end up with is a good-sized accordion-fold book.

See the directions for the project at From Pooka's Crayon!

1 comment:

the dreamer said...

This is just awesome, Pooka dear! Thanks so much for the inspiration on how to store ATCs.

Now, on to add this to my to-do list. =)



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