Friday, February 27, 2009


It seems like the last few weeks (and a few more to go) alllllll I've done is run run run...go go go....plan plan plan....

So when I took a few minutes for myself today to sit and create something I decided I needed to remind myself of the sweetness of home....I pulled out the Sending Love Home set, such a sweet set! I took a few minutes to create a little card I will use while I'm on tour with our middle school choir in a few weeks to the 3 kiddos that will be still home.....Just reminding them that as much as I will be enjoying what I will be doing (going crazy with 220 6/7/8th graders and 50 other adults), I will be sending my love home too!

This set is so sweet and cute! It is a MUST for everyone's stamping stash!

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