Saturday, February 14, 2009

Saturday Party!

Okay, so DH and DS are headed off to a birthday party this afternoon for DH's stepsister. DD and I would go, but she has been super sick the last couple of days, but when I went to pull out a card to send with DH, I realized that I didn't have any adult cards. I have several made which are great for kids, but I needed something a little older.

So, I went with the best thing -- I used my Feb. Royal kit to make a card. Yes, I know that the kit is sold out! But, that should be more of a reason to get a subscription! Even better than a subscription to the Royal Kit, upsize to a Combo kit!

Just what is a combo kit you ask? The best of both worlds (sorry, DD has been watching some HM today!). But, really -- it is a subscription to both the Royal Kit and the Get Inked kit! You can choose between the 6 x 6 kit or the 12 x 12 kit for 6 months or 12 months.

Just think, fabulous stamping goodies delivered each month and you don't have to go out shopping! And when you get the combo kit, it is one payment for the month -- so if your DH says only "ONE KIT" you can say, but honey it is just one kit! LOL! He never has to know!!! So, email QKD at to sign up and tell them that Penny sent you and you got the info from the blog!

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