Friday, February 20, 2009

On a diet???

Well, even if you are these are SWEETS you can have!!!!

How about some fun with the Cupcake Friends Stamp Set! It is one EVERYONE needs in their collection! Cupcakes are still hot and they will be around for a long time I'm sure, so HURRY and get your set today! Start playing with the sweets that cause NO weight gain!

Here is my little creation with this fun set:

I colored the 'base' with a great marker set that I have and then added some 'bling' to the top with the ole stickles!

Isn't it SWEET??? Have a great one!


Ashley M said...

very cute Jules!!! I love my cupcake set! one of my favs for sure!

Sunshinecoastgrl said...

Love these cupcakes!! and yes I am on a diet...I've gained over 35lbs in the past 2 years Yikes!! Must be the forty something curse!! I am on the Special K diet where you eat 2 meals of cereal with skim milk a day and 1 meal of a low fat-small portion 4 oz of chicken breast or fish or very lean cut of red meat for dinner... also small snacks of veggies or fruit and lots of water!!! I am walking a bit everyday as well. Just started this diet and already lost 2 lbs in a week!! Cheers Colleen


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