Saturday, December 11, 2010

MerCat's Bath

Mercat's Bath is one of my Art Nouveau inspired works. This one probably has the most back story to it.
My grandmother made porcelain dolls. One day I was going through her doll books and found these tiny little fairy dolls that nestled into these tiny vintage tea cups. I even knew what tea cup I wanted it in. One of these china sandwich plate and tea sets that she had gotten at a gas station back in the 50's. She only got 7 before they discontinued them, so I tried to convince her that using one for a doll for me would even out her set. She told me I was crazy and that she would never make a doll so very tiny. for Christmas I got a fairy doll that was more the size of a standard doll.
When she passed away I found the heads and legs and arms for a pair of tiny fairy dolls that she never finished. And ever since I have been obsessed with the idea of little things in tea cups. You can find tea cups featuring in several of my works. Fairy Cats checking out a cup, or a kitty crawling into one, or even just a tiny cup resting next to a sleeping fairy cat.
Be sure to check out the shop and see if you can find some more of those little tea cups.


Avery James Photography said...

What a wonderful story and memory. :) :)

Penny said...

love it!!!


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