Saturday, December 4, 2010

Thursday Focus (on Saturday?)

Okay, my mind must have been mush this week!!! I had this post all planned out and just kept reminding myself to sit down and post and low and behold (don't you just love that phrase) I kept forgetting!!!

So, instead of my original plans, I have decided to go with something a little different. Yesterday, I spent six hours shopping with my kids, trying to find them clothes -- they have grown so much. We were successful so I thought about focusing this on clothing, so off I go to the store to see what I could find, when I found the coolest stamps!!! They are new releases; they are Christmas; BUT they are not like anything else!!! They are super cool; no ordinary Christmas for me -- these are Steampunk and a little twisted! Almost make my Grinch-like attitude smile!!

Check them out in the store.

Of course, for those who are more traditional, Queen Kat Designs has stamps for you as well. When click on the Check them out link above, it will take to see all of the wonderful Holiday stamps available!

1 comment:

Nina said...

Steampunk Christmas! Just brilliant! =)


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