Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thursday Focus 12/30

Mmmm, ask anyone what my favorite thing is and almost everyone will say without hesitation -- coffee. In fact, one day, I asked my kids "Do you know how much I love you?"

Their answer -- "No, how much do you love us?"

"More than coffee" was my response, a response that caused them both to stop and look at me, wide-eyed and said "That a lot."

So, as I am sitting here, just a little cold and waiting on my coffee to brew, it hit me that Vicki has a fabulous collection of coffee stamps (well, I also have the same collection, but I am not giving up mine; you will have to order your own!)

There is the Coffee Background Stamp -- filled with all of those wonderful coffee words

The Give Me Coffee Stamp Set -- great expressions to show your "obsession" with coffee

The Coffee Stain stain stamp -- you know that tell-tale ring that your coffee cup leaves

and The Coffee Beans Stamp Set -- yum, whole beans -- good coffee!!

Aren't these all fabulous!!! Can't you smell the coffee from there!

Check out these projects using the stamps:

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