Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cancer Awareness Month @ QKD

Greetings everyone! I hope you're all doing wonderfully! As you probably know.. October is Breast Cancer awareness month. Here at Queen Kat Designs we are honoring, celebrating and remembering those who have, have had, or have passed from one form of the disease or another.

It has affected us pretty close to home here at the "Castle" and chances are you know, or have known someone who has fought the disease. This post is just a place to remember our loved ones and to celebrate those who have fought and won and to honor those who are fighting so hard to win the battle.

The two ribbons we fly here are awareness ribbons for Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer.

Please share in the celebration this month by posting a comment here and possibly sharing a story with us about your loved one. I will start out here and I hope you will follow...

I am remembering my grandfather Thomas J. Douglas who passed in 2000 from Liver Cancer
I'm remembering my grandmother Marge Haislip who passed in the 1980's from Breast Cancer
I'm remembering my grandfather Glen Haislip who passed in the 1990's from Lung Cancer
I'm honoring my father Scott T Douglas who is fighting a battle with multiple types of cancer. He has conquered prostate and bladder cancer and is now fighting lung and lymph node cancer.


Victoria said...

I lost my aunt to BC the week I graduated high school. I broke my heart. If the LEAST I can do is spread the word to get your mammograms and do self exams than so be it. BUT I've committed to participate in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer again. My personal goal this year is to raise $3000.

A dear friend has gotten the clear recently after her fight, another is in the midst of her battle.

Alex said...

I lost a very dear friend in 1992. I think of Jennifer often and how tragic her situation was. She found the lump and went in for the mamo and biopsy. They doctors never called her with follow up info and she understood that no news was good news. A year later at her regular exam she learned the results. She didn't have a chance then.

I miss her often, but not nearly as much as her sons and husband.

Maigan Lynn said...

When I was younger there was this beautiful woman named Mrs. Adaire. She was like a second Grandmother, though not related to my family at all. When my sister and I would visit our grandparents, she always made sure to ask if we wanted to come over and swim in her pool. Her and my grandmother would drink coffee and chat and we'd splash in the pool. There is a picture of me when I was 2 wearing a hat and scarf/bib she had knit me - she was amazing with wool!
When I was about 10 or 11 I learned that she had cancer. I had no idea at that age what it really meant but I knew she'd be really sick before she got better. As far as I knew you got sick and then the Dr's fixed you. Well, they weren't able to fix her. I can't remember what kind of cancer it was, and to tell you the truth, it doesn't matter. She was a lovely lady and she was lost to this world all too soon. I am 26 now and I still think of her often. I can't visit my grandparents house without looking across the street and remembering her. She will always be missed.

alienanessa said...

It is so wonderful for you ladies to share all that!! [[[hugs]]] I just have to quickly mention that I thank God nearly every minute of the day that we caught my hubby's testicular cancer early; he's the best Bogey to my Bacall EVER! =) He is wonderful to love!

I lost my favorite aunt - who for so long I prayed and prayed to be my mom - to breast and then bone and stomach cancers. This was back in 1991, but I wasn't in a financial situation to afford to go to her funeral. That used to weigh heavy on my heart. But when I say she was my favorite? OMGosh, she was the spiritual embodiment of the best things in people. She was the only person, for all the years I was growing up, whose smile made me happy. I don't remember thinking that about anyone around me, but with one glance she could convey that she genuinely cared about a person and that we deeply meant something to her. And even MORE cool is the fact that she had an extremely interesting life!!! She was down to earth and the stories she'd tell...well, I sure wish I'd written them down! Thank you for letting me share this! =)

Anita said...

My mother was diagnosed with a rare early stage of breast cancer a year ago. The initital pathology was negative but the surgeon opted to go back in and take it out and that timethe pathology was positive. We were devastated by this. She had radiation and if you had to have cancer her's was the most favorable kind with a low recurrence rate. We are so thankful.

I worked for many years as an oncology social worker and facilitated a breast cancer support group. I always reflect during this month about the one's that we lost and the valiant struggles that they made. I also remember the survivors who triumph.

Everytime I can buy something pink that supports breast cancer I do.

Tinker and JingeBear's Mom said...

Wow - so many amazing stories. So many amazing people who touched so many that we lost too soon.

I lost my cousin to breast cancer that developed in her lung tissue back in the 1980s. She taught me to drive a stick-shift. I think of her often - and remember how we laughed!

I am currently on cancer medications to try to control autoimmune issues, and likely will be taking them for the rest of my life. I feel for those people who have to take much higher doses that are much more devastating. Hugs to each of you for your support and memories!

constant gina said...

This month always brings a tear to my eye...


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