Friday, October 2, 2009

Transparency tags and a notebook

I made this little nugget box and am planning to put little chocolate nuggets inside.

But in the meantime, I made it pretty with patterned paper, a bright red ribbon and of course one of the cute robots from the Space Bots Stamp Set stamped on transparency.

But once I started stamping, it got kinda addicting and I ended up with some more robot friends. These could be used as more tags or even as bookmarkers.

And since we've been staying with my Mom for a while and I needed some time to be left alone, I made this robot notebook for my son.

It's just the robot stamped on transparency, then I cut the transparency in half as the front and back covers of a homemade notebook. Grab some 8.5" x 11" white cardstock cut in half to be used as pages, punch through all the pages and close with a fastener and consider it done.

Hope you have an ink-filled day!



lotsa scrap said...

So many fun ideas!

Anonymous said...

The most clever things come out of your craft room!!! Stinkin' way cool robots and ideas!!

Anita said...

How cute are those.


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