Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I wish I could escape sometimes! Kinda like today... I want to escape this awful cold I have! but to no avail... it cannot be done! So today, I must pretend to escape with this really cute card I put together last night!

On this card, I used the Friends Forever Stamp Set & the Hip Aliens Stamp Set.

Would you have guessed I used one of QK's awesome sketches from the gallery?? Well... I did! I love using sketches to help get my creative juices flowing... especially when I am sick and my head feels like it weighs 100 pounds! Here is the great sketch I used, and hopefully it will inspire you to make something amazing today!

Don't forget to visit the QKD store and check out some fabulous deals we have going!

Have a great Tuesday!


Lily said...

this one gave me a chuckle

Anonymous said...

Such a cute stamp!!! Love all the hand pen stitching!!! The greeh pops with the black & White!!!

Elizabeth >^..^< said...

WAIT!! How have I not heard of your stamps! These are great! I'm in love with the alien stamps! Super cute card!! Heart swoon.


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