Friday, March 20, 2009

Let me introduce....

Beverly Lazicki.. She was Born in Brooklyn, N.Y. to first generation immigrant parents. When she was 6 weeks old, the family moved to Los Angeles where she grew up. Beverly was the 4th of 5 children. She was always into different arts and crafts as a child. Her talents blossomed into award winning art. Before she was married, she worked as a costume designer for the motion picture industry.

In 1935 she married Connell Cowan and had 2 children, Connell Jr. & Beverly Mavon, within the next seven years. During the late 1920's and early 30's Beverly drew in a blank, bound book. The books follows the changes in fashion and style throughout the time period. There are well over 100 drawings in the book. The drawings are done in India Ink and colored pencils. Sadly, Beverly passed away at the age of 93, she would be proud and honored to share her drawings with you. She was a kind and generous woman. We have been humbled to have these designs in our collection again. A huge thank you goes out to Beverly Douglas for her generous gift.

As some of you may remember.. Back on February 14, 2007 we released 20 of her gorgeous designs and took them off of the market in June of 2007 to keep them as exclusive. We are very proud to bring out these new ones. We have chosen 13 of her over 100 designs to make up the new Flapper Collection exclusive to Queen Kat Designs®. For a complete line up of stamps, please visit our store.

The picture above is Beverly Cowan and me... Queen Kat! :) She's my great grandmother!


All designs and drawings are on loan from Beverly M. Douglas (Beverly's daughter). Queen Kat Designs® owns all rights to the images. At NO time shall these images be used for mass production, reproduction or digital reproduction. Any violation of this copyright is prosecutable by U.S. law. Please see our Angel Policy for further information.

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the dreamer said...

Hi, Vicki! What a lovely tribute to your great-gran. I love that photo of you and your great-gran. I'm sure she's very proud of the amazing magic you've done with her lovely drawings! =)



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