Friday, March 6, 2009

You Brighten My DAY!!!

And that is the TRUTH! So often we all just need a simple smile, a simple "Hello, how are you doing?" just to let us know that someone is thinking about us....

Today's times are getting harder and, stock market, just general life is hard....(boy do I sound like gloom and doom....sorry). SOOOOO what a better thing to do than to go get a book of stamps...and send some LOVE to just spread some smiles! Let someone know you are thinking about them, praying for them or just want to put a simple smile on their face!

Here is a simple little card that I'm going to send out to a dear friend....she is actually my mother-in-law's cousin....She is in her 80's and I KNOW she would soooo appreciate a little smile!

So...what do you say...I CHALLENGE YOU TODAY to make a card and JUST SEND IT for NOOOO reason, other to say you are thinking of them today! After you make the card, and just before you send it, stop and share it with us! Let us know who you sent it to and why! I know even that will bring smiles on our faces!!!!

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