Monday, June 29, 2009

Majestic Mondays

You've been seeing alot of these "Shroomies" lately.
They are quite popular!
You will want to be sure to swing by the
QKD store and pick them up today.
My sentiment is handwritten
and it's REALLY buggin' me!
Isn't that funny?!
It's not that bad but...
I don't think I know of anyone
who loves their own handwriting.
I actually like mine,
just not on my cards.
I refuse, however,
to TYPE my personal messages
for my cards.
There is nothing more heartwarming
than a sweet personal note
from a friend.
(I don't get those much...
it's okay to feel sorry for me...
as long as it's enough to send me a card...
right now...
no pressure...
But seriously,
I strongly believe a sweet little
handwritten note or message
means all the world to most people.
So try it today!
HANDwrite a note to someone you love.
They will love it!
Check out
Queen Kat Designs
for this "Shroomies" image and more!

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