Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Check Out Those Elephant Bells

Groovy baby, far out, Right on, Let’s book, what a fox, Bummer, Doobie, Funky, Trippin’, take a Chill pill...
The time was the seventies, the scene was where it was at,.  Bad was good, a fox was sexy, and bookin was getting out of there.
Queen Kat Designs released some groovy, funky, far out stamps, one of which blew my mind, it was like, psychedelic.  It's called Patches the Hippie Chick and it was designed by the grooviest of designers, Terrell Dorfeo.
The stamp brought out some very funny but cool memories of my high school years (yes, I am that old, just chill).  There was a head shop, I mean a music store, that sold patches specifically to cover your jeans, didn't matter if there were a rip or hole or tear, you sewed them on to look cool.  There was a song called Patches that came out in 1970 by singer Clarence Carter, and I used to listen to it ALL the time.
So this little cutie and I have a connection, and I thought I would make her a nice card to decorate.  I might just send it to one of my high school friends with whom I am still in touch.  Bet she'd get a kick out of it!!
For those of you who understand what I'm saying, hope you enjoyed the trip down memory lane.  Check out those elephant bells!! LOL
p.s. (Today they're called "flare jeans" and they don't flare out as much as these did).


Janie Boots said...

Now that takes me back when my mom forced me to wear bell bottoms... I love it Pat she is so GROOVY man......


SuzQ said...

Pat this is great!


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