Tuesday, August 4, 2009

August 2009 Release day!!

It's here it's here! After a long hot month we are praying for a cool down here at the castle. We have one heck of a blog hop for you today. I'm very excited to announce the arrival of 19 new stamps/sets. That's right 19! Good gravy. The Queen's lost her mind again for the 8th month this year!

We have Halloween, Christmas, Fall, Animals, Grunge and more for you this month. So it's almost safe to say, QKD has it all today! :)

I'm going to kick this hop off with some previews of what you're likely to see on the hop today!

I love a good tease! No I'm sending you off to Shannon's blog to get this party started in style!

Current QKD Sales:
*Stamp Exclusions: Separates line, Mini Sets and ATC Backers
**Scrapbooking kit Exclusions: Royal kits

EVERY order over $25 gets a Grab bag worth at least $13.50 while supplies last (we have lots!)

Sale runs from 7/29/09 through 8/15/09 or until everything is gone!

If you get lost, just come back here and find your way down the blog trail.
QKD: http://qkd.blogspot.com-- You're here
Shannon: http://shannonssentiments.blogspot.com
jules: http://julietds.blogspot.com
Penny: http://penny-randomthoughts.blogspot.com/
Tina: http://woodedviews.blogspot.com
Vicki: http://qksc.blogspot.com
Maria: http://www.riacreations.blogspot.com/
Kelly: www.kellystamps.blogspot.com
KellyJean: http://dancingwithstamps.blogspot.com
WIS: http://whimsicalinksorority.blogspot.com
Jacquie: http://jacquiemakescards.blogspot.com
Jen: www.expressivelyme.blogspot.com
Bev (SG) http://getcreativesg.blogspot.com
Andrea: www.mystampingheaven.typepad.com
Victoria: http://eatstampsleeprepeat.blogspot.com/
Lara: www.youwantthecookie.blogspot.com
Anessa: http://alienanessa.wordpress.com
Helene: http://2amscrapper.blogspot.com/
QKD Store: http://katstamps.com/store


Alex said...

WOOO HOOO! This is AMAZING!! Love it!

MiamiKel said...

Wowwee, what a terrific start to some awesome cards, stamps & goodies!


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