Saturday, August 22, 2009

Let's Go Shopping!!!

Okay, school is seriously killing me, so to recoup from all of that stress, what should I do! SHOP, of course, and what better place to shop than at Queen Kat Designs!

Don't have time to run to the store, then come to our store. Don't have time to pick papers, embellishments, etc. then get a kit!

QKD offers various kits: The Findings Kit, the Royal Kit, and the Get Inked Kit.

The Findings Kit is new to QKD; it is not "new." It is vintage! It is a bi-monthly vintage kit that we have come up with. Everything in this kit is found! We've hit the road all over the USA to bring you the items in this kit. The Royal Court has come up with a fantastic way to bring the vintage out in you!

Every other month we will have a new Findings kit for you to dig into. It's only $19.50 per kit (if you choose to subscribe for 6 kits) and that includes shipping! That's right, I said, FREE SHIPPING!!

Don't forget about the fabulous stamps and now PRINTS by Maigan Lynn!!! That is right, you can buy 4x6 Art Prints of some of those fabulous mermaids.

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