Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Here Ye Here Ye!

Queen Kat Designs is pleased to announce the Summer/Fall Royal Court!

We are welcoming some newbies to the castle and welcoming back some of our favorites as Senior Designers!

Court Coordinator:
Juliet Diley aka Jules
She's been with me since day 1 of the company and I'm very excited to have her by my side.

Senior Court Members:
Beverly Douglas aka SierraGrannie.. She's the one who puts all the kits together here in the office and brings you some fresh stamp designs!
Penny Hartley.. She's been here almost as long as Jules!
Beverly Cole aka beestamper
Shannon Bracken aka tigerlily
Maria Levine
Irene Tan aka Scrapperlicious.. our wonderful Get Inked Kit Designer!
Maigan Lynn... Our Chapter President at the Whimsical Ink Sorority.

Class Princesses:
Michelle Hale
Kelly Braund

Royal Stamping Maids and Memory Makers:
Tina Hale
KellyJean Gettelfinger
Nina Patena aka cbpatena
Taylor Usry-- Newbie
Jen Young--Newbie
Lara Badanes- Newbie
Jacquie Nordaune-- Newbie
Andrea Murdock-- Newbie
Anessa Shively-- Newbie
Victoria Smithson-- Newbie
Helene Huber- Newbie

A big royal welcome to everyone! I'm happy to have you all in the castle.


Shannon said...

Congrats ladies!!!!!! Welcome to the team!!!

Kristen said...

congrats everyone! :) how exciting!

Tina said...

Congrats ladies, welcome aboard.

kellyjean said...

Whew... I was getting nervous when I didn't scroll down far enough... then I saw my name. ROFL (ya know, cause it's all about moi, he he he...) Just kidding.

Welcome to all the newbies! This is a REALLY fun place to create! Can't wait to enjoy your creativity as well.

Victoria said...

Thank you for the HUGE opportunity. How fun is it to see my name here?!? YAY!

I'm looking forward to working with everyone and visiting new blogs and new goodies and and and...breathe...Thank you.

Maria Levine said...

Awesome stuff! Welcome everyone!

lotsa scrap said...

I see my name, too! Woo hoo!

AlienAnessa said...

Dang, if I were any happier, people wouldn't want to be around me!! =) I'm so excited, thanks everyone, and thanks to the rest of the newbies too...we're going to have so much fun!

cindy said...

Congrats everyone. What an honor that you all deserve:)

Penny said...

congrats to all!!!

but boy does that post make me sound old! LOL!!!


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