Wednesday, May 6, 2009


We have a month of stamps for you!! OMG these are HOT HOT HOT!! Here's a list of what we have....
Asian Flare from Ms. Irene Tan
Lace Border from Ms. Irene as well!
Coffee Beans by me... Queen Kat

Just Dandy by our very own Sierra Grannie

Tilly from our fantasy artista, Maigan Lynn
Lani also from Maigan Lynn
Lorali she too is from the hands of Maigan Lynn
Mad Hatted Mermaid oh yes! This one is my FAV!! from Maigan Lynn
Magic Flamingos these are also from Maigan Lynn. Go get em!
Let's Go Camping by SJ
Swirl Tree by SJ
Spring Love by SJ
Trailer Stamp by SJ
Sun Stamp by SJ
Puffy Bugs by SJ
Space Girl by SJ
Girlfriends by SJ

What's that??? 17 new stamps and sets??? Wholey cow!! WAIT WAIT WAIT!! That's not it!!!!

Lani, Lorali, Tilly and the Magic Flamingos come in 2 styles!!! haha, you'll have to check out the store. That makes 21 new releases in 1 month!!! WOAH I think I'm gonna faint!

Here's some randomness from our WONDERFUL and uber talended Royal Court...

Surf on over to the store for a sale!!!! We are having a 30% off sale!! PLUS!!!!!>>>>>


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Wow - some beautiful samples!!!


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