Friday, November 6, 2009

{i} was here

The more I take tons of photos, the more I write down my thoughts in my journals, the easier it is for me to forget the details of the everyday things or even the most special of occasions.

Sometimes a photo is not enough or even a hurried note on the calendar. Sometimes you have to reach out and connect with something -- eat a local delicacy, touch, take a moment to just let everything sink in.

I may not remember the date of this photo. (I can easily look for it in my digital file folder.) But I do remember the precise moment I did this. It was a chilly weekend and I was freezing. But I reached out and touched a post from the outside steps of the National Palace Museum in Taipei, Taiwan.

I love how the pointing finger and the postage stamps from the QKD Going Postal Stamp Set just go so well together.

May we also find ways to remember and capture precious memories.


lotsa scrap said...

Simply wonderful, Nina!

Anita said...

This is very cool Nina :)


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