Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sundays are for Stampin' - November 29th

G'day everyone and welcome to another Sundays are for Stampin'!! Here's hoping you had a fantastic Thanksgiving, whether you celebrated or not *grin*!! We are going to head out in a few minutes to take the kids swimming at the rec center, then later on I shall be Sunday Stampin'!

Please don't forget to drop by this here blog all week, and individual blogs too, because we're bringing to you lots of wonderful Christmas and holiday projects to inspire!!

The project I have for you today is yes, another beautiful Green Fairy project!

I had a fun time creating the Green Fairy projects, and I hope you've enjoyed them this month! For December I'll be bringing you some belated birthday projects - True Confessions: I think I forget more birthdays than I remember, and I don't get a card sent soon enough, so the belated birthday projects I have for you are perfect for those forgotten birthdays for which you still want to create something special and even whimsically amusing!

Thanks for reading and have a very blessed Sunday!!



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