Saturday, April 4, 2009

Don't forget Dad!

I love how versatile the Get Inked stamps
truly are! I know Father's Day is still a bit away but I really wanted to make something for Dad with this stamp set! I used chipboard to create the cover and I also up cycled a few bits and pieces laying around my house. The type on the front of the book says:
The key (get it ...KEY, ok sorry) to a wonderful family
is a kind and loving father
happy father's day 2009

I LOVE LOVE LOVE masking tape and with a little stazon
you I made my own decotape for the spine.
I filled the book with blank cardstock pages I'm not sure if this will become a scrapbook,
photo album, or if I will just let the boys draw in it for Daddy.
There are tons of tutorials on the web for journal and book making how to's,
have fun with it!!!


the dreamer said...

Gorgeous! Thanks for the tip on the masking tape! Brilliant! =)


Tina said...

This is absolutely gorgeous and a great gift idea.


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