Friday, April 10, 2009

New ATC Books

These ATC books are just fabulous!!!! I made a couple for Christmas Gifts (as seen here). Although the use for these books is different, they are still meant for ATC's! I just printed out some of my card sketched to the size of an ATC and stuck them in my book!! These books are so awesome!! You can stick entire collections of ATC's in them. (ok, a small collection)

They hold anywhere from 10-20 ATC's depending on if you do front to back and how much bulky embellishing they have on them. Each book comes blank and ready for your creations! It has chipboard covers, front and back with 10 double sided plastic pockets inside for your ATC's. It's bound and ready to fuss up. At a mere $2.99 how can you pass these up?? Get one now! Heck, take two and get 1 free!

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