Friday, April 10, 2009


No it's not an erotic joke! We've got a new line of stamps coming out that you are going to fall head over heals for! If you love to color, paint or ink, we've got your back! I'd like to introduce a new stamp designer, Maigan Lynn! She's one of the best Fantasy Artists I've seen in a very long time and we are proud to have her on our Court. There will be more info on Maigan to come. For now... Run over to the store and get this mermaid stamp!! It's gorgeous!!!

I told you!!! Gorgeous!!! Run over and get her now! :)

There's still more to come from Queen Kat's Castle today! Don't miss the next 2 hours!


Michelle said...

She is pretty! I love her! Great job on the coloring as well!

Kelly Braund said...

Love the mermaid - too cute!


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