Wednesday, January 7, 2009

For the Future...

Last big post of the day! All of us here at QKD really hope you have enjoyed the day full of sneak peeks and challenges! Before we sign off the blog for the night, we have one more challenge for you! You don't have to create anything with this one, so we hope everyone will play along! It's time for a drawing!!

List 5 future stamps sets you would like to see in the QKD store.

Leave your answer in the comment section of this post. A winner will be drawn and announced on Sunday, January 11th. Thank you all soo much for joining us on our big release day!


Marge Sexton said...

WOW, I just found your site, so I haven't checked out all of your stamps yet, but I'll give this a try. I'd like to see a girlee princess set, teacup/teapot set, a fun belated birthday set, little boy set, and a puppy set. Thanks for asking!

Dot said...

I think I'd like to see some summer flowers, birds, something coffee related, something with dogs and cats and something wintery but not Christmasy.


Kristine B. said...

I'd also love to see a girly princess set, more cute birds, cats, and a set with a boy/girl that has clothing pieces that we can stamp onto designer paper and piece onto our kids! Then another coordinating set with things such as toys/flowers/sports balls etc that we will go with that set. I know I've seen the idea somewhere, but haven't seen a lot of that type of thing, and paper piecing is "ALL THE RAGE" right now.

Cheri Howard said...

Oh, my! I would love to see these sets: baby/nursery set, chocolate (as in candy) set, snowmen, chickens and more animals! Thanks!

iammaryburke said...

There are several I would like to see...
1. heroes set (fire/police)
2. extreme sports set (motocross, ATV, etc)
3. scuba diving set
4. cruise set
5 travel set

Mary Smith

venyart said...

Ok, I loovee the chocolate set idea!!! and Swirls are soo fun, they can be used in scrapbooking and card making!!

Thanks for asking!1

Prettier Stuff said...

How about some little critters to go along with the mushrooms, snail, frog, catipillar, lady bug.
More flowers anytime
girlee princess and teapot is good
More butterflies( maybe some smaller ones that go along with the big butterfly
Ice Cream ( sunday or banna split)
in a size that goes with the cupcakes. Melissa

Tracey said...

Hmmm, I just discovered your site so I still need to check everything out but I will give some ideas. I like cute critters, princesses, butterflies, snowmen and something good for boys!!

A Stroke Above said...

I just found you too. I love your flutterbye! I would always like more butterflies, hummingbirds, songbirds with matching sentiments, insects (both realist and fantasy) and fairies. Is that five, shall I go on? FLOWERS..ok, I quit. Thanks for the chance at candy, always, and for sharing. Linda Crowder FerrisTX

terriavidreader said...

I'd like to see: simple birthday items like packages, balloons, party hats, cakes and banners. I love cupcakes, but there are too many of those, and birthday ideas are always needed! Thanks for the offer of blog candy!

JessicaK said...

Ooo, you already have so many cute images, it's hard to add. Ones I'd like to see?
Some "building ones" like Build-a-butterflies, build-a-cake set (to go with the cupcake set) and build a pizza. Also, beach stamps or sea accessories (reef, boats) to complement the Under the Sea set. One more, some forest creatures to go with those shroomie images. Thanks for asking!

venyart said...

Here' my full list of 5 future stamp sets I'd like to see!!
1. Chocolate lover's set
2. Swirls
3. Cutsy Dogs & Cats
4. Funky Snowman Set
5. Zoo Set

Lucy Chesna said...

I would love to see zoo set, swirls, something coffee related, wintery and belated birthda set...thanks for asking

Julie Temple said...

Oh my, I am new here, but I love what I have seen so far. I would love to see more masculine sets, little boy set, cow set, more birds, and maybe some Under The Sea sets. Thanks for the chance!



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